One of my clients was pleasantly surprised when her clients booked training just before and just after the general elections. She’s a corporate trainer and experience had taught her that training is one of the things corporates scale down on when there’s an election or recession.

My client and I celebrated her achievement. Additionally, we explored what it had taken for clients to trust her enough and want to hire her during this season.

After our session, I combed through this blog to identify posts that can help other people move forward during uncertain times. That led to today’s article.

Something to Read This Election Period

This election period has created a lot of uncertainty in Kenya. It’s also pitted people against each other. And all that is happening amidst warnings of a recession.

It’s tough to have inner peace and calm when there’s so much uncertainty and fear. For Kenyans, this has become the norm the closer we get to elections. We also went through something similar in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some articles on this blog that can help allay fears, give a sense of normalcy, and even help you reposition your business if you’re worried about the way forward.

  1. Don’t Fill Your Mind With Fear…Do One of These Instead: We’re living in challenging times and it’s easier to fill your mind with fear. How you weather this storm depends on what you allow yourself to focus on.?

  2. There is Life Before, During, and After Elections: I’ve seen people get really nasty to each other online and offline, all because they support different politicians. History will judge us by what we do and what we don’t do. May we have the courage and wisdom to choose wisely.?

  3. There is Business Before, During, and After Elections: Elections come and go. Will your business survive if you don’t do something different this time? Here are some actions you can take to boost your business in an election year or immediately afterwards.?

  4. How to Lead Through Crisis and Ensure Business Survival: Crises call for quick response leadership where you pivot fast to match the changing environment. I shared these 3 tips in 2020. They’re even more applicable now for any business owner with employees.♟

  5. What Unexpected Gifts Has the COVID-19 Season Brought You? COVID-19 shook us in many ways. The season also had hidden gifts despite the challenges. Here are some gems I identified during that season that are helping me stay sane in this election season.?

Beyond all this is the buffer of time

Sometimes, you still fall into negative thinking and despair despite trying to stay positive. When that happens, I remind myself that this too shall pass. After all, this time next week, we’ll be on the other side…and we’ll deal with life as it shows up then!

Over to you…

I’d love to hear about how you’re doing personally, professionally, or in your business

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Caroline Gikonyo
Caroline Gikonyo

Caroline Gikonyo is a Life and Business Coach at Biashara 360. She's an avid blogger and also oversees our content creation. This ensures that we give our readers quality and well researched information and tips.

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