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Liz Okomba was giving out a lot of nutrition, wellness and weight loss information on her social media pages and blog...for free. That was until a friend informed her that this passion could be monetized. Liz signed up for the Create Your Dream Business (CYDB) coaching program and set up Precious Wellness a business that broke even in less than a year. The CYDB program helped Liz monetize her Purpose and Passion while still working full-time as a corporate leader.

MaryG Waithaka

The experience that Caroline has of life and business coaching is dynamite. I could not have asked for anyone better to guide me. I am crystal clear about monetizing my skills and my business model; I have already achieved ROI from my coaching investment; I have a solid roadmap for how I am going to achieve the next few milestones. And most importantly, I know I have solid support going forward. If you’re seeking coaching, come into it knowing that there will be no room to hide; that you have to be willing take action; that you need to be self-led; complete commitment.

MaryG Waithaka Business Strategy Consultant, Golden Kufflinks
Lisa Tiang'a

I started working with Caroline in 2013, at a time when I was living out of the country and going through a huge transition in my career and life. The coaching definitely played a major role in shaping my career and consequently my life. Over the years, our work together went beyond working on my career and Caroline also became my life and leadership coach, and mentor.

Caroline has been an excellent guide. She has vast knowledge and experience in various aspects of life. She is committed to her clients, quite flexible, and doesn’t steer away from the goals set at the beginning of the coaching program. Also, she doesn’t judge and is able to accommodate different personalities at different stages of your life, career, or profession.

Through my coaching sessions with her, I have become a more competent and confident leader with a key focus on tapping into my strengths. Caroline has the ability to get out the best in you. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow as a person and as a professional.

Lisa Tiang'a Marketing Category Leader for Seeds - Africa & Middle East, Corteva Agriscience

Before working with Caroline, I was doing everything, yet nothing. I hadn’t tried anything to solve my challenges before because I didn’t really know that the issues existed.

I definitely had hesitations before signing up for the coaching. To start with, I wondered if a coach who wasn’t in my profession could help me. Secondly, I wondered if I would get any value for my money, which was already running out. Thirdly, I wasn’t sure I had the time and energy to commit into it.

What I liked best about working with Caroline is that she shares information very freely. She kept challenging me even when it felt like she was throwing me from the cliff. She respects roles and boundaries while still being very accessible. She’s open about her struggles and challenges so I could relate to her human side. Finally, I loved that the process was unscripted and handled what needed to be handled.

Seeing myself from Caroline’s perspective has been both challenging and encouraging. If I was to tell a friend about her, I’d say, “Meet Caroline, my coach. She’s the reason why I have changed so much. You need to know that when you work with her, it helps to do your homework so you should commit to that.”

My confidence has grown as a result of the Break Free, Live Your Life  program, and my focus is sharp. I've made new commitments and connections that have helped push me out of my comfort zone. I am also very calm, relate very well with my children, and I now manage my life and home very well.

I got much more than I expected so it was real value for money. Apart from the coaching, I also benefitted immensely by being able to tap into Caroline’s knowledge and networks.

Sarah Ater
Sarah Ater Trainer in Conflict Management, Mediator
Shilpa Shah

Caroline is an amazing resource. Working and talking with her saves you hours and hours of reading, research, money and energy… because she “gets” your needs fast and can feed you all the tips that you need for YOUR situation. Highly recommending her.

Shilpa Shah Life Coach and Trainer, Inside Out Consultancy
Mercy Ndegwa

I met Caroline when I was at a cross-road. I knew that I needed to quit my job and start my business, but I was afraid of the unknown. Initially, I was skeptical about coaching, which I saw as ‘Mzungu’ ideas. The biggest result from the coaching is that I opened my kindergarten in a record 9 months. Caroline literally read my mind and didn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.

Mercy Ndegwa Proprietor, Little Flock Kindergarten
Wangari Gikonyo

Business coaching was quite a challenge for me. It made me look at areas of my life I would have preferred to keep hidden under a big rock!! It also made me realize how much my inaction was affecting my life and especially my psyche. I’ve started a business that I have been aspiring to start for 8 years. Coaching has given me validation about myself and my business. I’ve become more consistent in my business. On the personal side, I’ve stopped being a doormat in my relationships, and reduced complaining. I take time to reward myself, guilt free. I have become important to me!”

Wangari Gikonyo Proprietor, Nyumba za Fahari

Initially, I signed up for the Create Your Dream Business coaching program to work on my business while setting up a part-time coaching practice. However, coaching started knocking off things that were not related to my calling as a Life Coach. This helped me shift from focusing on my business to stepping into my purpose. I now have coaching clients and am in the process of registering my life coaching business.

Gathoni Kabiru
Gathoni Kabiru Life Coach

Coaching is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. It helped me change my mindset and I started thinking differently about myself and the business. This shift helped me overcome habits that were holding me back. The bad habits included how I was spending money, lack of saving, second-guessing myself and making excuses. I now look at things from a bigger perspective as I grow my business.

Maxi Wandera
Maxi Wandera Sweet Mama Bakery
Caroline Gikonyo, Life and Business Coach, Biashara 360

Working with a Biashara 360 Coach will help you create breakthroughs in your life, career or business. You'll get crystal clear clarity about your goals and work with your coach to achieve these goals efficiently and effectively. We stand by our programs and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If by the end of the 1st month, you feel that this is not the program for you, we'll refund your fees in full, no questions asked.

Judy Owiti

In this day and age, it is hard to meet people who put their heart into what they do, who see beyond the money you are paying them. Caroline has been my Coach for the last one year. She has expertly filled this role. She was there from day one when I had no clue what I wanted to do with the dream God placed in me. She has helped steer me in the right direction, helping me find focus, all this while giving above and beyond. She is attentive, a good listener, genuine and human. As I launch my business, I am grateful that she took this journey with me. Any person will be lucky to have her as a coach.

Judy Owiti Youth Mentor, Infinite Youth Center

“When I enrolled for coaching, I didn’t have the outcome I wanted clear in my mind. Within a few sessions, I was able to determine what I want, how I want it, when I want it, and with whom I want it. I cannot put a value to what I gained from my coach. My coaching was amazing, life changing, and a great start to my big life! I had my potential unleashed, I learnt to focus and achieve great results, and best of all, it finally dawned on me so clearly that nothing is impossible, as long as one has a willing heart. I now have a great and amazing future.”

Sarah Kajuju
Life Coach and Trainer

"All the beliefs I held were the opposite of what I was learning in my coaching and this was confusing at first. With time, I began to dream again and opened my mind to new possibilities. I stopped procrastinating, followed my dreams fearlessly, and learnt to make realistic targets. When I met Caroline, it was one month to the end of semester exams. I performed very well in my exams, later graduated with an Upper Second Class Hons, and have gotten a Masters scholarship. I hadn’t expected all these due to poor performance in previous years."

Elizabeth Sumbaei
MA Student
Winny Gikonyo

I used to have many business ideas running around in my head, but took no action. I was dissatisfied with being employed and knew I needed to do something about it. But I had no idea where to begin. Within three months in the startup program, I’d finished writing a cookbook Everyday Meals From a Kenyan Home”, which I had started two years ago. I am now selling it. I’m still employed, but with an independent business which I am growing consistently.

Winny Gikonyo Cookbook Author and Foodie

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