If you’re like most people, you probably do a pretty good job of caring for the most important people in your life. However, you probably forget the most important person in your life: YOU.

You read about self-care habits, but never imagine that you’d be able to implement them in your life. The opposite is true because the better care you take of yourself, the better you’ll be able to care for others.

Taking care of yourself is a habit and an important aspect of self-love. It is perhaps the most important habit you can have. You make a critical error when you neglect yourself.

8 self-care habits that will change your life

It’s important to take care of yourself daily. Adopt as many of these self-care habits as you can.

1. Take a walk each evening

You’re killing two birds with one stone when you go for a walk alone. It’s a great time to think. Part of your mind is occupied with moving your legs and maintaining your balance. The rest of your brain is free to think creatively.

You’re also getting some good exercise. Most of us spend far too much time each day sitting. Getting up and accumulating a lot of steps is good for the mind and body.

2. Use positive affirmations

Negative self-talk is the norm and social media has made it worse. You can undo this and give yourself a better perspective on life by using positive affirmations.

Come up with just a few affirmations and repeat them to yourself throughout the day. You’ll be pleased with the results over time.

3. Eat healthier

Experts constantly tell us that most people could stop taking their medications if they would only eat better. Many people are actually eating themselves to death as it is!

Our natural instincts are to eat high-calorie foods that aren’t particularly good for us. Unfortunately, this instinct greatly reduces longevity.

Eating healthy can be a real challenge because it goes against our nature. However, you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel mentally and physically just by cleaning up your diet.

4. Read each day

Reading is great for brain health. Additionally, those who read every day have better cognitive abilities than those that don’t. This advantage extends into old age, too.

Reading is also a great opportunity to learn new things. Imagine how much you could learn over 20 or more years by reading 30 minutes each day. That’s roughly 3,600 hours or 90 40-hour workweeks! When you consider this, you’ll realize that this is one of the best self-care habits.

5. Unplug

Your brain needs a rest from the constant stimulation of the internet, your smartphone, TV, tablets, and so on. Give yourself at least a few hours each day of complete rest from these items.

You can survive without constant updates. But your body, mind and spirit cannot perform optimally at all times if you never unplug. Make yourself a priority, create this time daily and stick to it.

6. Sleep at least 7 hours each night

Some people brag that they only need 5 hours of sleep each day. They’re all incorrect.

Science is very clear on this matter: You need at least 7 hours of sleep daily in order to maximize your health and cognitive abilities. Some people actually need more than 7 hours of sleep a day.

7. Keep a gratitude journal

There are times when it seems like there’s nothing good in your life, but that’s not always true. There are plenty of good things in your life. You’re just failing to recognize them.

Remind yourself about all of the positive things that happen by keeping a gratitude journal and writing in it each day.

8. Give your body some gentle exercise each day

A little extra movement can do a lot of good things for your body and your brain. You don’t have to pound away on the treadmill like you’re training to race up the side of Everest. A little sweat and getting to a point of heavy breathing can bring about some great changes too.

Are you willing to give this a try?

Adopting at least one of these self-care habits will change your life for the better. Being at your best is good for everyone around you.

When you fail to take care of yourself, you teach other people not to respect you too. It’s hard to receive more respect from others than you’re willing to give yourself. YOU deserve the best. Treat yourself that way.

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Caroline Gikonyo
Caroline Gikonyo

Caroline Gikonyo is a Life and Business Coach at Biashara 360. She's an avid blogger and also oversees our content creation. This ensures that we give our readers quality and well researched information and tips.

    2 replies to "8 Self-Care Habits That Will Change Your Life for the Better"


      I wanna try numbers 4 and 5. 30minutes a day of reading…and unplugging. Been meaning to remove IG from my phone for a while now. It is pure distraction for real…oooh and facebook. No. 3 is also something am working on for the next 6 weeks or so.

      • Caroline Gikonyo

        This is great Celestine! You’ll be amazed at how much better your life will be when you carve out time to read and unplug. It won’t be easy at first, but the long term effects are worth fighting for. As for IG and FB…you log in to check something and get swallowed up. Before you know it, hours have passed as you scrolled. That’s why I don’t have them on my phone. For nutrition, check out Liz Okomba’s Forever 21 coaching program. It’s one of the best I’ve seen and she has powerful results. Looking forward to the revamped you!

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