With each new year comes hope and anticipation. 
It's almost like a breathe of fresh air that brings the desire for new beginnings or expanded success.
But do you find yourself losing momentum on your goals as the year moves along?

Would you like to have different results each year?

Join the Finish Strong Challenge and Make Breakthroughs in Your Business Goals Every Year!

KES. 48,000/- ($480)

KES. 45,000/- ($450) Per Challenge


Caroline Gikonyo
Transformational Life Coach
at Biashara 360

Meet Your Facilitator

I've been coaching since 2011 and over the years, I noticed one thing...

My clients would be highly charged and make massive progress on their goals during our 1-1 or group coaching programs. However, once they were done with coaching, the momentum would slow down. Some managed to push forward on their own, and there are those who gave up on their goals.

Most of my clients come back for coaching when they scale to new levels. They all say one thing: They come back because they need to additional support and accountability as they scale.

I also evaluated my own performance and it was no different. I'd take courses or go through intense coaching programs and then find it hard to stay motivated on my own...just like my clients.

Clearly, there was a problem that required a different approach!

This Is One Program You Cannot Afford to Miss!

Each year, many people start off like gunshots. They hit the ground running with their goals and give it their all. But, as the year moves on, they start losing momentum. They slow down...and give up.

What you may not know is that if you choose to focus on one main goal for a 12-week period, and you have proper support and accountability, you will probably achieve more in 3 months than you previously did in any year!

In Q4 2022, I tested a 12-week hybrid program that combined coaching, training, mastermind, and peer-to-peer accountability. The group consisted of both my past clients and other women whom I had not worked with.

The results of this program (dubbed Finish 2022 Strong Challenge) were astounding. Everyone had positive results. Additionally, those who kept pace with the program, attended at least 9 live sessions, and completed most of their weekly tasks, had exponential growth and achievements. 

At first I had only planned to do the Challenge in the last quarter of each year. The participants in Q4 2022 also requested that we continue so that they work on their top goals for the year each quarter.

We did 3 consecutive challenges and realized that it was too much work when done quarterly. People needed a break in between the challenges to rest and complete implementing their pending tasks. So the Challenge now runs 3x per year with breaks in between.

I'd love to help you start and finish strong each year through the Finish Strong Challenge. Join this 12-week program, and find out how you can achieve your business goals for the year without creating unnecessary stress, overwork, or overwhelm!

Here's What You'll Get From This Challenge


We'll evaluate your personal and business goals for the year, prioritize, and narrow down to what you should focus on within the Challenge. This is a process that is repeated at the beginning of each Challenge to ensure that your goals are still meaningful to you.

No More Monthly Goals

I'll show you how to work with 90-day goals instead of setting goals each month. This process is both simple and highly effective. It's also a process that you can use on your own in the future, even if you never take the Challenge again!


I'll show you how to create a plan that motivates you to work on your goals even when you don't feel like. You'll also bounce back from setbacks faster as you implement the strategies you'll learn in the live sessions.


The beauty of this system is that once you get the hang of it, you can customize it to suit your needs and preferences each quarter or year. No more cut and paste as you try out what works for other people.

Eliminate Obstacles

We'll uncover hidden challenges that may have been sabotaging your chances of success in the past...and you'll learn how to catch them in time and eliminate them. You're also free to pick my brain if your obstacle is within my area of expertise.

A Sense of Belonging

Where do you feel safe enough to share your BIG business ideas, goals and dreams...and know that the people you're sharing with have your back? Sadly, for many women, the answer is "Nowhere...". We provide that safe space for you in the Finish Strong Challenge.

24/7 Access to Private Portal

We have an online portal that is accessible only by members of your cohort. This is where recordings of all LIVE sessions and other resources that are shared with your cohort are stored. 


I'll share the DIY goal tracking template I use each quarter (in PDF and Word). You can use it digitally or print and fill it by hand. Other templates and worksheets are added to the Toolkit as we move along each Challenge.


We have a private WhatsApp group where members connect daily. Every weekday, I share an inspirational voice note and 3 prompts to help you stay focused and rejuvenated. Participants in the Challenge report that they download these voice notes and create playlists...one former challenge participant calls it her private podcast. 

Exponential Growth & Success

The support and accountability you receive from everyone in your group will help with your overall personal, professional or business growth. You'll form powerful connections, expand your network, and have a smoother journey as you work on your top business goals for the year in each Challenge.

KES. 45,000/- ($450) Per Challenge

Discounted from KES. 48,000/-


Get an edge each year!

I'll teach you a strategy that will shorten the amount of work you have to do to get the results you're seeking. The LIVE sessions also include strategies that will supercharge your motivation and reduce imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, and procrastination. This will help you shorten the amount of work you have to do to get the results you want. You will also be able to pivot fast when obstacles arise (this is something we had to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic and political crises). 

Review the Year
Explore What's Working
Supercharge Results


Implement & track your Goals

One of the major mistakes people make is that they set goals without creating an implementation and tracking system. Without such a system, you will flounder and probably give up because you have no way of knowing where you are and the milestones you've already hit. In this Challenge, I'll show you a simple and highly effective daily and weekly tracking system that you can tweak into something that works for you. If you already have a system, we'll look through it and tighten loose ends.


You also get...

Complimentary 90-minute group Goal Setting Session before we kick off the Challenge. This will help you set or realign your goals for the year and pick the #1 goal to work on during the Challenge. 
(Value: KES. 4,500/- OR $45)
3-month's access to GROW which is a virtual library with recordings of our weekly Learning Wednesday webinars where personal, financial,  professional, and business growth experts share strategies for success. (Value: KES. 11,700/- OR $117)
Access to a community of women who go beyond goal setting and achievement to create a sisterhood where everyone is invested in each other's success and well-being. (Value: Priceless) 
BONUS Group Session
BONUS Library 
BONUS Community

The Process Works!

Learn. Use. Customize. Replicate

Sign up for the Challenge.
Attend the pre-program Goal Setting Session to set your goals for the Challenge. This is crucial if this is the first time you're taking the Challenge and if you haven't done the Goal Setting Masterclass. 
Join the WhatsApp group so that you start connecting with the other members of your group immediately. Use the weekday inspiration and prompts to stay motivated and focused on your goals and tasks.
Attend as many LIVE sessions as you can during the Challenge. While watching the recorded sessions works, there's power and synergy that comes with being the class with other participants. It's also crucial that you attend your HOT Seat session where we all focus on helping you overcome challenges to your goal achievement.
Evaluate progress each week, and recalibrate your plan and strategies throughout the Challenge while touching base in class and through the WhatsApp group. Get support and accountability and also provide the same for others. Celebrate milestones and get help from myself and the team when you're stuck or have challenges. 
Wrap up at the end of the Challenge. Evaluate progress. Celebrate. Then take a break. You don't have to worry about creating new goals for the next Challenge as we'll do that before jumping into each Challenge. 

Claim Your Space In The Goal Setting Masterclass Today

KES. 4,900/- Special Offer!

Only 30 Spaces Available



Dates for 2024:
Challenge #1/2024:
11/01/24 to 28/03/24
Challenge #2/2024: 11/04/24 to 27/06/24

Challenge #3/2024: 05/09/24 to 21/11/24

NOTE: Challenge 2 and 3 of the year only open up to the public when there is space available.
Time: 8:00am to 9:30am EAT/Nairobi/GMT+3 (12 Thursdays)
Location: Virtual on Zoom 
Action: Take BOLD steps on your business goals with additional accountability and support from an experienced coach and your fellow group members

"My Life Was Transformed for Good!"

"I have worked with Caroline for 9 months now and I have so much to show off from the time spent together. I've gained confidence in myself and my abilities and connected with positive women in Caroline's network who are also living their purpose. I started a counseling and mentorship centre in December 2022 that is dedicated to serving children aged 6-18 years. My biggest delight is seeing the transformation that is happening in children and families I work with. [Finish Strong is] A transformational movement in the making!"

Mauline Ogao
Children's Counsellor and Mentor
The Golden Pasos Centre

Facebook: @thegoldenpasoscentre

Make This Your Breakthrough Year!

Sprint And Make Strides Towards Your BIG Goals This Year

(Or $450)

Per Challenge

12 LIVE group sessions on Zoom for coaching and learning (One 90-minute session per week) 
Connection, support and consistent accountability in a private WhatsApp group for each Challenge
Weekday voice notes, inspiration and prompts in the WhatsApp group 
24/7 access to a private online portal with downloadable audio recordings of all the sessions plus other resources (including templates and worksheets)
Complimentary 90-minute group Goal Setting Session before we kick off the Challenge - to set your goals
3-months complimentary access to GROW library that contains Learning Wednesday webinar recordings
There are only 15 spaces are available in each Challenge and spaces fill up fast. Sign up today to avoid disappointment

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Best Value

Sign Up Today

KES. 4,900/-

Or $49

2 hour training with an experienced Coach
Create your 3-year plan
Narrow the plan down to 2022
Learn how to implement the plan weekly
Followup session end of January 2022
Only 30 spaces available
"This will surprise you. I get calls from clients years later and they tell me how well the system is working for them. It will for you too."

Caroline Gikonyo

Business Coach, Biashara 360

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions people ask about the Finish Strong Challenge

Who is the Challenge for?

This Challenge is best for you if:

  • You're a solopreneur and you're tired of walking alone in business.
  • You have a full-time job and run a part-time business.
  • You're in business full-time and need support and accountability.  

The goal is to help you stay focused while also giving you a community that supports you and holds you accountable as you work on your business goals.

Please note that this program is not a good fit if you're starting a new business or if you're thinking of starting a business. It's best if your business is at least 1 year old and you have consistent income from it.

Is this a coaching program?

While I'm a Coach, the Finish Strong Challenge is not a traditional coaching program. 

  • It's a guided group where participants get support and accountability as they work on their top goals for the year. 
  • The other participants and I act as a sounding board for your ideas, and provide additional back-up as you work on your BIG goals. 
  • We connect in a private WhatsApp group Monday to Saturday for additional day to day motivation and support.
  • You focus your attention on 1 main business goal and 2 sub goals in each Challenge. 

If you attend all the 3 challenges in a year and you complete the assignments you set for yourself, you can achieve at least 3 of your main business goals for the year or make massive progress towards them. 

How long is the program?

Finish Strong Challenge consists of three 12-week groups per year. You can choose to attend one or more per year. The Challenges follow the dates indicated in the section above. 

This seems like a long time to work together. Can I just attend one Challenge and will I have access to the material if I don't take all the Challenges in a year? 

A year may seem daunting but it's actually not a long time. You see, it takes a while to unlearn habits and create new ones that work for you. 

It also takes time to focus on your goals and give them the time, energy and resources they require. Being in such a forum works in your favour because you'll have support and accountability in the LIVE sessions and via email or WhatsApp. This will help you stay focused as you work on your goals.

You'll also be able to identify and catch obstacles in time. Common obstacles include imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, avoiding working on your goals, procrastination, and taking on too much work thus creating overwhelm. 

Another obstacle you may encounter is veering off your plan due to personal reasons or when running after shiny objects. All these will be dealt with as part of your support and accountability. 

You will have 24/7 access to the portal that contains recording and other resources shared in your particular Challenge for as long as you're paid up continuously. If you drop out or choose to discontinue, you will lose access to the content and any other BONUSES that were part of your Challenge. 

So it pays to stay for the year so that you have access to the older recordings as some of the lessons and resources will not be repeated. That's also why it's important to download the audio recordings and other downloadable resources as soon as you can so that you have access to them later on.

I'd love to sign up for the Challenge, but I'm not sure if I can spare the time. What do I do?

This process will only work if you can commit to attending as many of the LIVE sessions in your Challenge as you can. You also need to implement your plan consistently and be active in the WhatsApp group. 

I deliberately keep the group small so that we connect easily and for the WhatsApp group not to be too noisy. If you really want to make this year count, I recommend that you create time for the program and implementation.

I'd love to take this offer, but I can't afford the fee at this time. How can you help?

While the fee may seem like it's too high, it's already discounted. There's also more value being provided inside and outside the learning sessions. 

Also, note that you'll be getting access to a process that will help you for years to come as well as being able to make new connections whom you can follow up with outside the Challenge. So the financial commitment will pay off now and in the future.

At the same time I do know that times are tough for many people right now. If finances are tight, you can use one or more of these resources:

These are low cost and free resources that are geared towards helping professional and business women achieve their big goals. 

I took the Goal Setting Masterclass or Goal Setting Strategy Session before. Is this the same content?

Partly yes. 

  • In the Goal Setting Masterclass and E-Course you learn how to work with 3-year plans that are narrowed down to 1-year goal, which are further narrowed down to quarterly projects, and into weekly tasks. 
  • In the Goal Setting Strategy Session, I work with you 1-1 to create your 3-year masterplan and then help you narrow it down to 1-year and quarterly. You can use the system I teach in the Masterclass to work on your goals weekly or use your own system if you have one.
  • In both cases, you implement the plan on your own. Since the processes are based on 12-week goal setting, you can still use what you learnt to create your own plan at any time of the year.

In Finish Strong Challenge, you're part of a small group of 15 women and I guide you through the process of staying laser focused on your goals in each 12-week Challenge. You will find this process very useful if want to push the needle on 3 key business goals each year, keeping your focus on 1 main goal per Challenge.

Additionally, new strategies come up over time and I test some out on my own before introducing them to my coaching clients. The feedback from this testing is incorporated into the goal achievement programs I offer the next year. So the content of the Finish Strong Challenge is updated regularly to include leading-edge strategies. 

Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds for this program because it is already discounted and you will have access to the content for the time you've paid for. Additionally, since the group is kept small, when you sign up and want to leave, it means you'll have denied someone else a chance to get into the program.

I recommend that you give the program a chance by working on your plan diligently each week, attending all LIVE sessions, and connecting with other members in the WhatsApp group. This is the kind of program where you get what you put into it. 

It's also important to ask questions and reach out when you encounter challenges, and to be there for other members of your group.

Any other questions?

Click here to email me if you have more questions. 

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