We Are Here To Help You Become A Leader In Your Profession Or Business

Welcome to Biashara 360, where we help women in management and business succeed and become leaders in their industries.

We are a team of coaches with extensive knowledge and experience in training, consulting, and coaching high-achieving women.

Our Startup Story

One afternoon in September 2017, two friends were having a phone conversation to touch base and get accountability for their business goals.

They had been holding each other accountable for the better part of that year. This day however, something changed for both of them. And it changed the course of their lives and businesses...forever.

Just when Lillian Macharia and Caroline Gikonyo were about to conclude their phone call, Lillian reminded Caroline about a business they and 4 other trainers had wanted to start way back in 2012.

She then asked the ONE QUESTION that changed the direction of their lives. She asked, "What if we had gone ahead with this? Where would we be today?" After some reflection, the discussion changed to why not do it now...what is stopping us?

Within an hour, this moved from a business idea into a business. First, they identified what they could do together as they were both coaches. Then, they explored the skills and experiences they were lacking. Finally, they identified two coaches whom they could invite to join them.

Within three days, the other 2 coaches had been invited and they both said YES! (it was a loud YES all through). Unfortunately, due to time constraints and family commitments, one of the partners had to opt out during the startup phase.

A month and 4 teleconference meetings later, Biashara 360 was born with 3 founders:  Lillian Macharia, Caroline Gikonyo and Veronica Waithaka.

The rest, as they say, is history.

We are Biashara 360 and we're here to help professional and business women succeed. Each of us has either been in business or has lead a team with amazing results. The combination of our knowledge and experiences is what we offer to you.

This blog is our way of sharing information, resources and our experiences in order to help you grow your career or business while reducing the time you spend working.

That's our startup story in a business that has taken our previous businesses to the next level - all under one umbrella. We'll share more of our personal and business growth stories here on the blog.

Our Vision

Our aim is to become the go-to place for women in management and business who want to move from ordinary to extraordinary levels.

Our Mission

We help women in management and business become more successful and fulfilled. As we work together, you become more confident and courageous enough to take your career or business to the next level, while reducing the time you spend working.

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Discover How You Can Grow Your Career or Business While Reducing The Time You Spend Working

Our 360° Approach Is 3-Fold

Business SuccessYou can start at the training/workshop or coaching/consulting levels and work your way round. The mastermind group is reserved for people who have completed any of our coaching programs or worked with one of our consultants.

The best thing is that there is never an ending to learning and growth. We work hard to provide you with leading edge information and growth strategies.
This will ensure that you have a 360° turnaround as you grow and become a leader in your profession or business industry.

Your 360° Career and Business Growth Team

We're all passionate about advancing the growth of women into leadership. Helping you achieve and exceed your career or business dreams is our main goal. Our team is made up of professionals who are in good standing in their respective fields. We all have a passion for personal, professional and business growth and love helping our clients make more money, reduce the time spent working, and have more fun.

  • Veronica Waithaka

    Veronica (Ronni) is a Certified Fulfillment Coach and service excellence guru. As the Operations Lead, she ensures efficiency in meeting the needs and expectations of our esteemed clients.

  • Caroline Gikonyo

    Caroline is a Certified Professional Coach and NLP Practitioner. She’s been coaching professional and business women since 2011. She is the Head of Coaching and also oversees content creation for this blog.

  • Lillian Macharia

    Lillian is a business consultant, coach and trainer. As Head of Business Consulting, she helps our clients develop smart and efficient business systems through customized, value adding solutions.

  • Associate Trainers and Coaches

    Our associates are carefully selected, trained, & supervised to fit in with our standards. You can be assured of quality results no matter who you’re working with.

  • Business Building Team

    We’ve teamed up with credible, qualified and experienced legal, marketing, finance, IT and HR professionals to help you grow your business fast, safely and affordably.


In addition to the content on this blog, we also offer the following services

  • Training

    Our workshops and training programs help you and your organization improve in various areas. These include Coaching Skills, Presentation Skills, Customer Care, Time Management, Goal Setting, Strategic Planning, and Sales and Marketing among others.

  • Consulting

    Is your business operating at its peak performance level? Let us have a look and show you what you need to improve. We then help you create and implement systems and processes to increase your revenue while reducing the time you spend working in your business.

  • Coaching

    Women in management and business find life lonely as they move up the success ladder. Working with a Biashara 360 Coach will help you create breakthroughs in your career or business as you set and achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

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